Safety in Transportation

Safe Rides at Night—Campus Cruisers

If you are one of the many individuals who work, study or take classes at night, you don’t have to walk to your car or home alone. The USC Campus Cruiser Service offers either a walking or vehicle escort to your destination. To arrange for a pick up please refer to the table below.

Campus Cruiser will notify you with a phone call or text message when your Cruiser has arrived. Simply give your phone number when placing a call. To check the status of your call contact 213-550-4454, or text “Cruiser <call number>” to 41411. Forgot your call number? Text cruiser and the first letter of your last name to 41411 to look up your call number. To cancel a Campus Cruiser ride for any reason, simply call 213-550-4454.  You will be prompted to select an existing call number and then be given the option to cancel the order.

University Park Campus – Summer Hours* 6:00 pm – 12:45 am 7 days a week 213.740.4911
* University Park Campus (Regular Hours) 6:00 pm – 2:45 am 7 days a week 213.740.4911
Health Sciences Campus 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Mon – Fri 323.442.2100


Riding bicycles to class and around the campus neighborhood is a popular method of getting around. While bicycle use is a healthy and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, collisions with pedestrians or vehicular traffic are a concern to the campus community. In order to promote safety, the university recently adopted the following guidelines, which are posted throughout campus:

  • Share the pathways and yield to pedestrians. On all walkways throughout the university, bikers should use the right side and foot traffic should use the left side.
  • Walk your bikes. In heavily-trafficked areas and crosswalks, dismount and walk your bike. This includes Trousdale Parkway, Childs Way, and near the Lyon Recreation Center.
  • Encourage safety. Model safe and courteous bike/rider behavior and remind offenders that Trojans are considerate.
  • Park it. Bikes should be parked in designated parking racks. Parking your bike in front of a building entrance/exit or a handicap ramp will result in impounding.
  • Watch the road. When riding your bike, focus on riding. Distractions such as cell phones, headphones, or riding “hands-free” increase accidents.


USC is easily accessible via public transportation, and is the site of three rail stations on the Metro Expo line (Expo/Vermont, ExpoPark/USC, and Jefferson/USC stations.)

Travelers accessing Exposition Boulevard are advised to proceed with extra caution in accessing the train stops and watching for vehicular and oncoming train traffic:

  • Always stand away from the edge of platform.
  • Don’t skate or ride your bike on the platform, stairs or escalators.
  • Watch the gap between the platform and train.
  • Don’t lean against train doors; keep hands clear.
  • Never climb railroad vehicles or walk on the tracks.
  • Be alert for property theft, especially of mobile phones. Most thefts are surprise grabs, with phones or other items taken from unsuspecting riders who may be engrossed in using them at that moment. Put your phone away when getting on and off trains and buses. It’s a prime time for thieves to strike. Trains are a favorite venue for phone thefts due to the large number of passengers and exits.

For additional information on public transportation safety, visit the L.A. Metro rider safety website.