After Hours Visitor Policy

The University of Southern California’s University Park Campus, located in the heart of Los Angeles, welcomes thousands of guests and visitors each year. USC strives to maintain a safe community for its students, faculty, staff, guests and neighbors, and has instituted the following after-hours visitor registration program to help maintain a safe environment.

After Hours Visitors

From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night, the number of entrances to campus are limited; security personnel will be stationed at each entrance; and visitors coming to campus will be required to show identification.

USC students, faculty and staff are required to register any guests arriving after 9 p.m. Guests must present photo identification in order to enter campus. Visitor registration is available online. Once a USC student, staff or faculty registers a guest, the information is immediately available to entrance attendants.

After Hours Gate Closures

Eight main entrances to the campus are open at all times; however secondary entrances to campus close after business hours and/or at 9 p.m. To view a map of entrances open after 9 p.m., please visit the USC Maps site.

Additional information is available at